Monday, September 5, 2011

With These Hands - Labor Day Reflections

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,”  Colossians 3:23
As I look at my hands I am reminded of my dad.  As I remember what dad’s hands looked like, I have my dad’s hands.  They serve as a visible connection from one generation to another.  
As I look at my hands I am reminded of God’s blessing to me with a godly wife.  With the single silver wedding band, I am reminded of the commitment I made to her and to God to love, honor and cherish always.  
As I look at my hands I see the scars of carelessness that fortunately became transformed into wisdom locked away in the mental caverns.  Note to self: wrenches tend to slip off bolts when knuckles are within striking distance of metal.  Another mental note to file: sickles and knife blades are designed to cut through softer skin.
As I look at my hands I can remember that they have exchanged greetings to a former president, government leaders of all levels, influential business leaders, motivational speakers, renown individuals in sports and very well known Christian leaders.  Multimillionaires and the impoverished a like.

As I look at my hands I recollect holding newborns taking the first breathes and the dying breathing their last.  The “bookends” of life are represented in these hands of mine.
These hands have administered discipline, comfort and encouragement.  These hands have wiped dishes, tables and tears; delivered groceries to the struggling, carried water to the thirsty, and given money to the needy.  
While these hands have been a blessing, they also have been the source of sorrow.  These hands have been raised in anger, clinched in defiance and tools in the tempter’s workshop.
With these hands I have accomplished so much!  I am absolutely positive that whatever your position or station in life, your hands have also accomplished so much as well.  Undoubtedly, you have already begun to reflect on what your hands have done.
Considering the verse of scripture from Colossians 3, our labor, that which we do with our hands, is not to be done for our own “back patting” or for the applause of others.  Our labor is to serve one purpose: to bring glory to God.
As we resume our work schedule this week, let us remember that with these hands of ours we honor God through our labor.  With this in mind, many of us will go back to our jobs realizing we work for a new boss.  
Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!